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Gross Winners Wade Spruce and Sunny Kennedy
Net Champions the second year in a row, Jodan Urbanski and Amanda Spaulding
Both Teams wearing the traditional plaid jackets.
Spring Fling Couples Tournament
5/11/2013 Team
Wade Spruce and Sunny Kennedy4230$60.001st Gross
Chris and Heather Mendell4330$42.002nd Gross
Bill and Nan Painter4435$32.003rd Gross
Jordan Urbanski and Amanda Spaulding4330$60.001st Net
Jeff and Christie Pond4731$42.002nd Net
Mark Halftown and Jessica Golley4733$32.003rd Net
Paul and Suzy Stetz4534
Dan and Becky Smith4534
Bob and Mary Ann Paprocki4935
Jay Nelson & Melissa Gilbert4935
Tim Rich and Barb Haines4935
Pete and Kathy Weishan5036
Bob and Keri Oldro4538
Gerald and Dorothy Peinkofer5638
Tony and Maurine Pecoraro5539
Jim Gill and Lynn Dubey5140
Sherman and Robby Wilkens6042
Ed and Joann Smith5743
* Won match of cards
Closest to Pin # 4 Women Sunny Kennedy 6'1" $10.00
Closest to Pin # 9 Men Tony Pecoraro 10'8" $10.00
Skins $22.50 each
Spruce/Kennedy # 4 with a 2
Urbanski/Spaulding #5 with a 3
Oldro/Oldro #7 with a 3
Nelson/ Gilbert # 8 with 4

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