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Gross Winner Scott Crist - 66 Net Winner Mark Halftown - net 64

Elkdale Open 2009Bitmap
First NameLast NameClubIndexHdcpGrossNetPlaceWinningsPlaceWinnings
ScottCristMoonbrook Country Club1.5266641$300.00
RamanLuthraCrag Burn G.C.+.3068682$220.00
NickZacardiEast Aurora Country Club0.2069693$175.00
DanSmithElkdale Country Club 270684$125.00
JayStellrechtLancaster Country Club+.2070704$125.00
NickMorrealeNiagara Falls Country Club+1.4-170714$125.00
FrankGarcia Jr.Sheridan Park Men's Club+1.1-171727$90.00
JosephBissonLookout Point Country Club3.1372698$75.00
TomCristMoonbrook Country Club0.1072728$75.00
MikeYurkoDiamond Hawk G.C.1.52737110$57.50
BobRosenWestwood Country Club0.81737210$57.50
PeteGronquistSouth Hills G.C.2.23747112$11.25
MikeGraceBrookfield Country Club0.20747412$11.25
BrianRajczakRiver Oaks G.C.0.20747412$11.25
JakeKatzWestwood Country Club+3.3-4747812$11.25
MarkHalftownElkdale Country Club 97364 1$300.00
Mike ZolnerElkdale Country Club 127866 2$220.00
AdamMolnarLookout Point Country Club11.6127967 3$137.50
MikeOylerElkdale Country Club 148167 3$137.50
Tom BuffamanteElkdale Country Club 67468 5$95.00
DaveMendellElkdale Country Club 67468 5$95.00
TomPaprockiElkdale Country Club 138269 7$70.00
KurtWhalenCazinovia Country Club4.157469 7$70.00
SteveZelaznyCrag Burn G.C.8.197869 7$70.00
MarcelMarriageLookout Point Country Club5.157570 10$33.33
Paul StetzElkdale Country Club 77770 10$33.33
BillLewisElkdale Country Club 97970 10$33.33
PatrickSheedyBrookfield Country Club0.517574
RobertDewittTransit Valley Country Club2.437572
KyleHenzelBartlett Country Club2.437572
TimDigiulioTransit Valley Country Club2.327573
VernJacobsNiagara Frontier C.C.2.227573
VinnyLazzaraDiamond Hawk G.C.2.637673
JoeAndersonNiagara Falls Country Club0.817675
JeffWolniewiczGowanda C.C.0.817675
P.J.AlterioNiagara Falls Country Club+.8-17677
ScottKelemenSouth Hills G.C.4.557873
ScottBradyBartlett Country Club3.647874
SeanMahonFox Valley Country Club4.047874
MattPetrosianNiagara Frontier C.C.2.327876
KarlNorthrupElkdale Country Club 17877
ScottDeanAttica G.C.0.007878
GregWinterSouth Hills G.C.3.237976
GregFitzpatrickElkdale Country Club 68074
TimHallBartlett Country Club7.858075
RogerRuschTanTara Country Club3.238077
JohnGaffneyBrookfield Country Club1.628078
RobSmithSpringville Country Club2.328078
AndyFrankPine Acres Country Clubna08080
ScottNordineElkdale Country Club 98172
GregGibbonsElkdale Country Club 88173
TomPregvillianElkdale Country Club 88173
FredStradeElkdale Country Club 88173
JimBradyBartlett Country Club4.248177
BillyGaffneyBrookfield Country Club0.918180
EvanAngiLookout Point Country Club5.668276
MichaelMurphyBrookfield Country Club6.068276
ScottPritchardSouth Hills G.C.6.068276
ScottSmithSouth Hills G.C.3.948278
ChrisStegemannCrag Burn G.C.0.618281
JohnPetruzziBartlett Country Club11.7128371
GregRalstonElkdale Country Club 128371
ChrisDrongoskyDiamond Hawk G.C.8.398374
JackSipkoElkdale Country Club 98374
JayWeishanElkdale Country Club 98374
RileySmithElkdale Country Club 68377
RichWeberBrookfield Country Club4.458378
BobPaprockiElkdale Country Club 98475
WadeSpruceElkdale Country Club 128573
EdSmithElkdale Country Club 98778
PaulVan CurenElkdale Country Club 128876
SteveEbsaryHoliday Valley Resort5.268882
BrookeBakerElkdale Country Club 188971
TomMcCluneElkdale Country Club 158974
JoeMackenburgElkdale Country Club 158974
PhilZelaznyElkdale Country Club 158974
JayKoniakElkdale Country Club 78982
ArtSmithElkdale Country Club 199071
TomRiedElkdale Country Club 219271
TonyPecoraroElkdale Country Club 209272
JimRichElkdale Country Club 189375
MarkCrowleyElkdale Country Club 209474
JimBorowiakElkdale Country Club 169478
ScottRalstonElkdale Country Club 149480
RandyLeblancElkdale Country Club 189577
TimRichElkdale Country Club 179578
BobWylieElkdale Country Club 219776
JeffCrileyElkdale Country Club 189779
DanLemonSt. Bonaventure G.C.14.8169781
TimBerganHoliday Valley Resort18.9209979
RonKenjocketyElkdale Country Club 1910283
JimGillElkdale Country Club 2210381
TomGallaherElkdale Country Club 3110473
ShaneJohnElkdale Country Club 1810587
JamiePierceElkdale Country Club 2911384
JohnNorthrupElkdale Country Club 13canccanc
MarcusStephensElkdale Country Club 3NCNC
ChrisChristopherElkdale Country Club 11NSNS
WendellHainesElkdale Country Club 11NSNS
BillyHanesCrag Burn G.C.0.20NSNS
TomMonroeElkdale Country Club 26NSNS
BobOldroElkdale Country Club 20NSNS
Bill PierceElkdale Country Club 18NSNS
Sponsors: Buffamante, Whipple, Buttafaro PC
Closest to the Pin # 4 $20 Joe Anderson 2'3"
Closest to the Pin # 9 $20 Ed Smith 8"
Closest to the Pin # 12 $20 Jake Katz 8'9"
Closest to the Pin # 16 $20 Art Smith 10"
Skins 4 skins $120 each - #2 Morreale, # 3 Alterio, # 7 S.Crist, #16 Zacardi

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