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From Left to right Net Winners Chris Mendell, Crowley, Doug Prey, Mark Halftwon,

Gross Winners Scott Crist, Kyle Henzel, Tom Crist, Chuck Crist.

Cattaraugus County Bank - America's Promise Scramble '08
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Total TmTeamGrossNetTeam Per Player
TeamHcpHdcpScoreScoreWinnings Winnings
10B -- Chuck Crist; Scott Crist; Tom Crist; Kyle Henzel101.2505452.750$320.00Low Gross$80.00
9A -- Mark Halftown; Mark Crowley; Chris Mendell; Douglas Prey577.1255749.875$320.00Low Net$80.00
10A -- Paul Stetz; Randy John; Dan Stetz; Tom Mcclune334.1255752.875$260.002nd$65.00
1A -- Nan Painter; William Painter; Shirley Green; William Green8210.2506554.750$160.003rd$40.00
2A -- Arthur Smith; James Rich; Phillip Zelazny; Steve Zelazny577.1256254.875$140.004th$35.00
11A -- David Gerard Elsen; Geri Anne Elsen; Paul Van Curen; Peter Weishan546.7506255.250$100.005th$25.00
7A -- Michael Zolner; Ryan Mendell; Dave Mendell; Tim Collins283.5005955.500
12A -- Daniel Smith; Stanley Pizon; Timothy Rich; Jeff Criley526.5006255.500
3A -- Bill Krysick; Dean Whitcomb; Bob Paprocki; Mark Ward607.5006355.500
5A -- Terry Yonker; Fred Zaprowski; John Yonker; Mark Peabody749.2506555.750
1B -- Frank Pascarella; Ross A Peters; Richard Smith; Paul Jusko425.2506256.750
6A -- Marcus Stephens; Lucius Stephens; Grayson Cole; Philip Dille344.2506358.750
8A -- Brian Erickson; Steve Erickson; Jim Watston; Richard Rhoades496.1256558.875
4A -- William Lewis; Bob Wylie; John Dunn; Larry Gross739.1256858.875
Proximities $15 each
Closest to the pin #4 Mike Zolner 6'8"
Closest to the pin #9 Ross Peters 10' 11"
Closest to the pin #12 Scott Crist 1' 9"
Closest to the pin #16 Bill Lewis 8'9"
Skins $140 each Team 9A Hole # 7 -- Mark Halftown; Mark Crowley; Chris Mendell; Douglas Prey
Team 3A Hole # 17 -- Bill Krysick; Dean Whitcomb; Bob Paprocki; Mark Ward

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