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07 31 2003 Rally For The Cure Scramble

Chris Chazen, Katie Holler, Kaye Montange, Ollie Kirkendall - Score of 70


Ollie Kirkendall, Katie Holler, Kaye Montagne, Chris Chazen, Score of 70 1st place

Phil Jimserson, Heidi Jimerson, Jeanne Depke, Sarah Downing 74 2nd place

Retta Jones, Elieen Watson, Greg Cooper, Tony Iannacone 3rd place 76 * won match of cards

Susan Knapp, Joyce Kalamanka, Tim Jimerson, Paula France 4th place 76

Nate Ellis, Kathy O'Laughlin, Kevin O'Laughlin, Mary Ann Paprocki 5th place 78

Diane Smith, M. Kummer, Nau Justus, Debbie Ellis 6th place

Closest to the pin #4 Katie Holler

Closest to the line #6 Nau Justus

Closest tot he pin # 9 & #12 Ollie Kirkendall

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