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PGA Professional Jack Widger congratulates DAN SMITH on setting a new Elkdale Country Club course record 9 under par 61. During his round in the Norton Smith Hardwoods Elkdale C.C. Two Man Best Ball Event. August 14, 2013
Gross Winners Jeff Criley and Dan Smith 61 -- Net Winners Lonnie Clark and Tim Hall 62
Norton Smith Hardwoods
Elkdale Country Club Best Ball 2013
Wednesday, August 14, 2013GrossNet
ResultsBBBBPlaceTeam Prize
1A -- Daniel Smith; Jeff Criley61591st Gross$250.00
15A -- Paul Stetz; DAN STETZ68642nd Gross$180.00
12A -- P.J. GRONQUIST; SCOTT KELLEMAN70663rd Gross$125.00
12A -- TERRY HALL; JUDD BOHALL71644th Gross$75.00
13A -- CRAIG SCOTT; SCOTT PRITCHARD71664th Gross$75.00
13A -- TIM HALL; LONNIE CLARK69621st Net$250.00
16A -- David Gerard Elsen; William Painter73632nd Net$135.00
17A -- Greg Brogcinski; Bob Wylie79632nd Net$135.00
11A -- Doug Berry; Eric Niparts81632nd Net$135.00
1B -- Jay Koniak; Randy John72645th Net$20.00
1B -- Peter Weishan; Dan Blaske73645th Net$20.00
15A -- Douglas Prey; Thomas Hart75645th Net$20.00
10A -- Dave Mendell; Michael Zolner7266
10A -- Bob Paprocki; Thomas Buffamante7466
18A -- Nick Chamas; Jay Nelson7466
11A -- Mark Halftown; Jamie Pierce, 7967
10B -- Tom Owens; William F Lewis7468
18A -- Bob Oldro; Jonathan Galandio7668
14A -- Tom Paar; Jim Leone8268
16A -- Jeff Pond Jr; Wade Spruce8368
14A -- James Paar; Peter Wallen,8269
17A -- Arthur Smith; Philip Dille8469
Closest to the pin # 4 Dan Smith 3'1" $15.00
Closest to the pin # 9 Jay Nelson 12' $15.00
Closest to the pin # 12 Dan Smith 2' 6" $15.00
Closest to the pin # 16 Scott Kelleman 23'2" $15.00
Skins 10 skins $46 each
#2&#3 Smith/Criley - #5 Halftown/Pierce, #6 Chamas/Nelson
#10 Hall/Clark - #11 Stetz/Stetz, # 13 Hall/Bohall
#14 Stetz/Stetz - # 15 Chamas/Nelson - #16 Hall/Clark
Thank you to Dan Smith of Norton Smith Hardwoods for sponsoring our tournament today!!
Check his website: www.arborvalley.com
Congratulations to DAN SMITH for shooting a new course record 9 under par 61

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