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Paul Stetz Gross Champion --- John Yonker Net Champion
Bud Binner Super Senior Champion and Randy Leblance Runner up Super Senior
Elkdale Country Club
Retirees Championship
6-Aug-12 *won match of cards
Stetz, Paul270 *681st Gross$80.00
Yonker, John178265 *1st Net$80.00
Binner, Bud **2792651st Super Senior$65.00
Leblanc, Randy **2086662nd Super Senior$55.00
Dunn, John3298664th$50.00
Lewis, Bill370675th$34.00
Smith, Ed1279675th$34.00
Jusko, Paul1582675th$34.00
Opferbeck, Randy1582675th$34.00
Schmitz, Norbert2491675th$34.00
Rich, Jim158368Sleeve of Solo Balls
Smith, Arthur188668Sleeve of Solo Balls
Cole, Tom198768Sleeve of Solo Balls
O'Brien, Bob128169Sleeve of Solo Balls
Prey, Doug148369Sleeve of Solo Balls
Gill, Jim168569Sleeve of Solo Balls
Reid, Tom219069Sleeve of Solo Balls
Depke, Ron138471Sleeve of Solo Balls
Paprocki, Tom **178871Sleeve of Solo Balls
Owen, Tom57772Sleeve of Solo Balls
Strade, Fred77972Sleeve of Solo Balls
Smith, Richard148672Sleeve of Solo Balls
Zelazny, Phil178972Sleeve of Solo Balls
Yonker, Terry259772Sleeve of Solo Balls
Green, Bill88173Sleeve of Solo Balls
Wylie, bob199273Sleeve of Solo Balls
Holler, Bill **269973Sleeve of Solo Balls
Galandio, Ray **3210573Sleeve of Solo Balls
Weishan, Pete118574Sleeve of Solo Balls
Lacroix, Terry259974Sleeve of Solo Balls
Georger, Arlon **2610175Sleeve of Solo Balls
Pizon, Stan209979Sleeve of Solo Balls
Anderson, Michael2510580Sleeve of Solo Balls
Winston, John **3512489Sleeve of Solo Balls
** Super Senior * WON MATCH OF CARDS
Closest to the pin # 4 Bill Lewis 5'3" Dozen Balls
Closest to the pin # 9Jim Rich 12'2" Dozen Balls
Closest to the pin # 12 Art Smith 7' Dozen Balls
Closest to the pin # 16Randy Opferbeck Dozen Balls

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