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Tom Owens Gross Winner Bob O'Brien Net Winner

Elkdale Country Club
Retirees Championship
9-Sep-10 *won match of cards
Tom Owens775*681st Gross$75.00
Bob O'Brien1380671st Net$75.00
Oliver Kirkendall1079692nd$50.00
John Yonker1685692nd$50.00
Bill Lewis676704th$35.00
Peter Weishan1080704th$35.00
Terry Lacroix2090704th$35.00
Paul Stetz47571Sleeve of NXT Balls
Fred Zaprowski209171Sleeve of NXT Balls
Anthony Pecoraro219271Sleeve of NXT Balls
Tom Reid239471Sleeve of NXT Balls
Tom Paprocki178972Sleeve of NXT Balls
Fred Strade47773Sleeve of NXT Balls
Ed Smith108373Sleeve of NXT Balls
Richard Yehl199273Sleeve of NXT Balls
Dan Tompkins189274Sleeve of NXT Balls
Eugene Stancin239774Sleeve of NXT Balls
Randy Leblanc179275Sleeve of NXT Balls
Bob Shutts199475Sleeve of NXT Balls
Jack Barclay209575Sleeve of NXT Balls
John Macleod179477Sleeve of NXT Balls
Arlon Georger2710679Sleeve of NXT Balls
Ray Galandio3211280Sleeve of NXT Balls
Bob Wylie2210583Sleeve of NXT Balls
Gerald Peinkofer3011383Sleeve of NXT Balls
Closest to the pins - winners receive a sleeve of golf balls
Closest to the pin # 4 Paul Stetz 14 '
Closest to the pin # 9Tom Ownes 36'
Closest to the pin # 12 Dick Yehl 23' 8"
Closest to the pin # 16Paul Stetz 2'

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