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Pete Weishan Gross Winner

Bob O'Brien Net Wiinner

Elkdale Country Club
Retirees Championship
10-Sep-09*won match of cards
Pete Weishan1180*691st Gross$75.00
Bob O'Brien1983641st Net$75.00
Daryll Rathburn1480662nd$60.00
Dick Yehl2087673rd$40.00
Phil Zelazny1684684th$30.00
Terry Lacroix2291695th$25.00
Bob Nickola33102696th$25.00
Dan Opferbeck1181707th$25.00
Ed Smith98071Ecc HatECC Hat
Ollie Kirkendall108171Ecc HatECC Hat
Tom Paprocki168771Ecc HatECC Hat
Paul Jusko168872Ecc HatECC Hat
Richard Smith138673Ecc HatECC Hat
John Macleod168973Ecc HatECC Hat
Tom Reid199374Ecc HatECC Hat
Dan Tompkins209474Ecc HatECC Hat
Fred Strade78275Ecc HatECC Hat
Doug Prey128775Ecc HatECC Hat
Ray Galandio3010777Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Norbert Schmitz2710679Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Tom Owens88880Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Bud Binner3111180Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Arlon Georger2710982Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Jim Downing2711184Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Dave Kennedy2811385Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Bob Wylie2010888Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
John Winston3913192Sleeve of NXT TourNXT Tour Balls
Closest to the pins - winners receive a sleeve of golf balls
Closest to the pin # 4 Daryll Rathburn 14' 2"
Closest to the pin # 9Pete Weishan 1' 7.5"
Closest to the pin # 12 Ed Smith 12'4.5"
Closest to the pin # 16Dan Tompkins 10'3.75"

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