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Ollie Kirkendall/Gross Winner-Terry Lacroix-Net Winner

Elkdale Country Club

Retirees Championship
Ollie Kirkendall874661st Gross$75.00
Terry Lacroix208666 *1st Net$75.00
Dick Smith1379662nd$60.00
Ed Smith977683rd$40.00
Paul Jusko1586714th$35.00
Mark Delledonne1385725th$23.75
Larry Gross1688725th$23.75
Tom Cole1789725th$23.75
Arlon Georger28100725th$23.75
Doug Prey108373Ecc Hat
Dick Yehl199273Ecc Hat
Bob Reynolds118675ECC Towel
Bob O'Brien138875ECC Towel
Jim Rich169175ECC Towel
Ned Evans209575ECC Towel
Lou Pozzi2810375ECC Towel
Dan Opferbeck88476Sleeve of NXT Tour
Art Smith189476Sleeve of NXT Tour
Ken Marsh2510176Sleeve of NXT Tour
Bud Binner2910576Sleeve of NXT Tour
Peter Weishan118877Sleeve of NXT Tour
Ray Galandio2710477Sleeve of NXT Tour
Dean Lefford3210977Sleeve of NXT Tour
Bob Wylie189678Sleeve of NXT Tour
Tom Ried199778Sleeve of NXT Tour
Randy Lablanc179881Sleeve of NXT Tour
John Winston3912586Sleeve of NXT Tour
Closest to the pins - winners receive a sleeve of golf balls
Closest to the pin # 4 Ed Smith 10"6"
Closest to the pin # 9 Dick Smith 5'4"
Closest to the pin # 12 Pete Weishan 7'1"
Closest to the pin # 16 Terry Lacroix 30'3"

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