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Dan Smith, Stan Pizon and Salamanca Mayor Jeff Pond

Mayor's Cup 2010
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
TeamScramble90%90%Scramble Scramble Net
NumberHandicapTeam C.H.NameC.H.C.H.NameC.H.C.H.GrossNETBest BallTotal
35.7523Dan Smith11Stan Pizon22206458.2563121.251st
73.7515Dave Mendell55Mike Zolner1096561.2562123.252nd
18416Frank Pascarella87Ross Peters876460.00641243rd
21728Bob Wylie2220Bill Lewis656962.00631254th
177.2529Brook Baker1715Tom Paprocki Jr.12117062.7563125.755th
11728Bill Pierce1715Bob Oldro11106962.00641266th
153.2513Tom Previgilian65Greg Gibbons766662.7564126.757th
66.526Jay Weishan109John Leaf16146861.5066127.5
53.2513Jay Nelson1110Riley Smith226864.7563127.75
24416Wendell Haines1211Ryan Mendell446763.0065128
229.7539Jamie Pierce2724Chris Mendell12117161.2567128.25
127.2529Tim Rich1715Paul Van Curen12117163.7565128.75
44.2517Mark Halftown1211Dave Elsen556762.7567129.75
233.514Tom Owens76Chris Chistopher766763.5067130.5
106.526Pete Weishan1211Randy Hooper14137265.5065130.5
16.2525Andy Pascarella98Paul Jusko16146962.7568130.75
194.518Jay Koniak76Randy John11106661.5070131.5
149.538Mike Rychick1917Stan Milinowski19177464.5068132.5
97.2529Bob Paprocki98John Riley20187163.7571134.75
2728Peter Jackman1211Eric Nipparts16147063.0073136
167.2529Jeff Criley1614Mike Oyler13127466.7570136.75
20624Jeff Shurilla1312Chris Siebert11107569.0070139
13936Bill Early1715Dan Keller19177768.0072140
8832Jeff Pond Jr.1816Shane John14137466.0075141
Skins Day One # 3 Pascarella/Peters, #12 Koniak/John, #16 Nelson/Smith, # 18 Halftown/Elsen
Skins Day Two #10 Pizon/Smith , #15 Nelson/Smith, #16 Hooper/Weishan
Day Two Proximity Prizes
Closest to the hole in two shots # 2 Eric Niparts 1'11"
Closest to the pin #4 Mike Zolner 14"
Closest to the pin #9 Pete Weishan 12"
Closest to the pin #12 Dave Mendell 47"
Closest to the pin #16 Dave Elsen 11'2"
Closest to the hole in two shots # 18 Jay Koniak 3'11"
Pari Mutual Winning Team # 's Win # 7 Place # 21 Show # 5

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