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This was a new event for 2012. The idea was to have Phil Dille our Greens Keeper to set the course up as had as he could, tees back and pins in hard or impossible spots. Everyone said it was a blast to play but would not want to play that way everyday.
Here is how the course was set up. The front side was hard but not as hard as the back. #1 back tee front left pin. #2 back tee back left pin. #3 tees way back and pin back right. #4 mens played ladies tees ladies played mens tee and pin was left front. #5 back tee back right pin. #6 tees normal pin back left. #7 tees middle but pulled left to force a draw and pin back left. #8 was the hardest pin on the front, back right on a severe slope anyone right or left or above the pin had 10 feet coming back, tee was middle. #9 tees back and pin middle left on a severe slope.
Back nine this is where the Greens Keeper really took revenge. # 10 back tee back right pin, #11 back tee and back left pin in the middle of the steep slope, this was one of the hardest pins reprots are there were many 4 putts here (4 putts were the maximum). #12 back tee front left pin, again many two chips and and people putting off the green. #13 back tee front right pin, most people either putted off the green or chipped several times as the ball would not stay on the green unless you hit it past the hole. #14 is hard on a normal day but put the pin middle right and again just like #13 there were many people taking the maximum 4 putts or 4 chips here. #15 back tee and middle left pin. #16 back tee 220 yards and front left pin. #17 back tee and back left pin, this didnt look bad but if you missed the hole with your putt it would roll off the back of the green. #18 back tee and front right pin on a sever slope.
Everyone had a fun and plan on doing it again next fall.
Elkdale C.C. Result Sheet
Date: Sunday, October 21, 2012
Event:Greens Keepers Revenge
Rob Hensel & Tom Paprocki62$80.00
F. Pascarella & Paul Jusko66$60.00
R. Hooper & B. Paprocki68$40.00
F. Pascarella & Doug Prey68$40.00
Mike Oyler & Dan Smith69$25.00
Jay Weishan & Bob Paprocki69$25.00
Mark Francis & Mike Cansick69$25.00
Women's Best Ball
Lynn Dubey & Nan Painter76$40.00
Geri Elsen & Lynn Dubey79$20.00
Gross & Net - Men
Low Gross Dan Smith78$20.00
2nd Gross Tom Buffamante82$15.00
Low Net Bob Paprocki72$20.00
2nd Net Rob Hensel75$15.00
Low Gross Women Nan Painter107$10.00
Low Net Women Lynn Dubey87$10.00

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