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The first hole in one of the 2011 season goes to Jim Gill, Wednesday June 8 on hole # 12 153 yards with a 6 iron.

Congratulations Pete Weishan HOLE in ONE number 9

Friday August 12, 2011

165 yards with a Bobby Jones Utility Wood

Interesting note in the group (a five some) they scored 1,2,3,4,5 in the group.
Pete 1, Paul Stetz, 2, Dave Elsen 3, Jay Weishan 4 and Geri Elsen 5.
2nd Hole in one in two days. Marcus Stephens aced number 9 during the first round of the Club Championship. 147 yards with a 9 iron. Saturday August 13, 2011.
Tom Owens Hole in one #12 165 yards with a 6 iron. On Friday August 26, 2011.
Bob Oldro aced hole # 9 Tuesday October 18, 157 yards. His ball flew directly into the hole ripping a chunk of turff from the front of the cup.

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