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Jeff Criley Aced #9 on Thursday October 18, 164 yards with a hybrid club. His playing parterns say it was a driver.
Nick Brown made a hole in one on hole #4 September 27, 2012 160 yards with a 8 iron.
Will Georger, son of member of Arlon Georger Aced hole number 9 on August 4, 2012 147 yard with a PW.
Frank Pascarella Aced hole number 12 on August 12, 2012, 164 yards with a 7 iron.

Congratulations Steve Zelazny for his HOLE IN ONE, on hole #16. 185 yards with a 4 iron, during the first round of the Elkdale C.C. Member Guest. Saturday July 21, 2012

Hannah Jewell Aced number 12, 159 yards with a Utility club, July 6 2012.
Way to go Hannah!!!
Our first hole in one of the year was by a guest, Jeff Wilson, Hole #12
165 yards with a 4 hybrid club. Way to Go!! oh yeah nice hat!!!

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