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Lynn Eddy Aced hole # 4 170 yards with a 7 Iron on June 17, 2014

Bill Lewis Aced number 16, June 20, 2014. 175 yards with a 4 iron. He said he has played for 52 years and this is his first hole in one. Oh yeah and there is a memorial marker for his Dad Ed Lewis on that hole.

Kristie Mendell Aced # 16 the same day as Bill Lewis.
138 yards with a driver. June 20, 2014 NICE SHOT !!!

Warren Bamber Aced # 9 during a playoff for Member Guest Champion
Warren is 74 plays over 200 rounds a year and this is his first hole in one.
The ace was witnessed by nearly 50 player on the deck watching the playoff.

Pete Sunderland aced hole # 16, July 31, 2014
165 yards with a 5 iron. His first ace ever.

Mike Conner HOLE IN ONE - #9, August 25, 2014
150 yards with a 7 iron.

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