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5 5 2002 MGA Spring Scramble

Elkdale Men's Golf Association Spring Scramble results
May 5, 2002
Attached picture atttached from left to right
Brian Pavlock, RJ Browkaw, Mark Crowley, Scott Ralston
MGA Scramble 2002

First place
Brian Pavlock, R J Brokaw, Scott Ralston, Mark Crowley, 58 $250.00

Tied for 2nd place

Scott Crist, Arthur Smith, Daryl Gilman, Dave Andrews, 62 $175.00
Bob Colligan Jr, Michael Zolner, John Steel, Chris Siebert, Nate Ellis 62 $175.00
Jim Henneberg, Timothy Rich, Tom Mcclune, Bob Wylie, Edward Schmittendorf, 62$175.00

3rd place

Daniel Smith, Shawn Mckenna, Jack Barclay,Louis Pozzi , 63 $150.00

Tied for 4th place

Matt Kahm, James Gill, David Deppa, John Yonker, Clifford Hogan, 64 $31.25
David M Kahm Jr, Fred Strade, Doug Haines, Jeff Criley, Clair Conklin, 64 $31.25
Paul Van Curen, Daniel Opferbeck, Michael Oyler,John Nosal, James Rich, 64$31.25
Oliver Kirkendall, Kenton P Roush, Joe Lux, Fred Zaprowski, George Whitcher, 64 $31.25

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