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7 08 2004 Ladies Combo Day

Ladies Combo Day - 2 Person Best Ball
Grace Byun from Moon Brook C.C.Maxine Harvey fromChautauqua G.C.57Place1

Debbie Ellis from Elkdale C.C.Donna Basile fromElkdale C.C.57Place2

Pictured from left to right:
Debbie Ellis, Donna Basile, Gracy Byun, Maxine Harvey

Donna Frost from Cassadaga Lakes G.C.Michelle Helmer fromCassadaga Lakes G.C.58Place3

Pat Swanson from Cable HollowPat Weeks fromBemus Point G.C.59Place4

Val McCray from Chautauqua G.C.Bernie Elkin fromChautauqua G.C.59Place5

Carol Nenno from St. BonaventurePaula Baader fromSt. Bonaventure60Place6

Sue Trunquist from South Hills G.C.Linda Smith fromSouth Hills G.C.63Place7

Karen Caffiero from Lancaster C.C.Barb Michalski fromLancaster C.C.64Place8

Janis Keller from Elkdale C.C.Jenny Crossfield fromElkdale C.C.65Place9

Cathy O'Laughlin from Bartlett C.C.Carol Stiff fromBartlett C.C.65Place10

Sharon Smith from Elkdale C.C.Jennifer Smith fromElkdale C.C.65Place11

Pat Dispenza from South Hills G.C.Diane Johnson fromSouth Hills G.C.66Place12

Diane Smith from Elkdale C.C.Kathy Smith fromElkdale C.C.66Place13

Mary Kay Bocciolatt from Bartlett C.C.Wendy Speroni fromBartlett C.C.66Place14

Susan Irvin from Blueberry HillSusan Wilson fromBlueberry Hill66Place15

Yvonne McHone from Bartlett C.C.Kendra Ward fromBartlett C.C.66Place16

Shirley Olson from Cable HollowMarge Sicken fromCable Hollow67Place17

Arlene Evans from Bartlett C.C.Cathrine Biggs fromBartlett C.C.67Place18

Irene Speroni from Elkdale C.C.Mary Ann Paprocki fromElkdale C.C.67Place19

Jane Riordan from Lancaster C.C.Tess Jans fromLancaster C.C.68Place20

Nau Justus from Holiday Valley G.C.Mickey Crowley fromElkdale C.C.68Place21

Wendy Young from Maplehurst C.C.Hazeil Linamen fromMaplehurst C.C.70Place22

Susan Knapp from Elkdale C.C.Paula France fromElkdale C.C.70Place23

Shirley Pearson from Blueberry HillHeta Martin fromBlue Berry Hill72Place24

Retta Jones from Elkdale C.C.Tina Paparocki fromElkdale C.C.72Place25

Katie Widger from Elkdale C.C.Edna Northrup fromElkdale C.C.72Place26

Liz Binner from Elkdale C.C.Caro Shutts fromElkdale C.C.78Place27

* ties were broken by match of cards as noted on the rules sheet

Closest to the pin # 4Val McCray

Closest to the pin # 12Michele Helmer

Long drive # 6Mary Kay Bocciolatt

Long dive # 11Barb Michalski

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