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Information for all Junior Golf Participant,

Parents, Grand Parents or Guardians

From Junior Program Teaching Staff: Jack Widger,

Paul Stetz

Starting Times


GROUP (times may change depending on group sizes) golf shop at TIME TIME


Group 2 and 1

9 HOLE short and 9 Hold regulation Meet at 7:20 A.M. Lesson Time 7:30 A.M. Tee-off Time 8:00 A.M.



Group 3 - 4 HOLE (shortened holes 10,11,12,13) Meet 7:55 A.M. Lesson Time 8:05 A.M. Tee-off Time 8:35 A.M.



Group 4 BEGINNERS, 3 hole chipping and putting course Meet 8:35 A.M. Lesson Time 8:45 A.M. Tee-off Time 9:15 A.M.


We have a set teaching progression for the 7 week program, although weather can often

alter our set plan. If it is raining in the morning still plan on showing up, we will have an
indoor chalk talk, rules and etiquette class. We will break into small teams and have a team
quiz on golf rules, etiquette and other golf related topics.

WALKING PARENTS Your help is needed.

We will need help from parents to volunteer as walking parents. It is a simple job that only

requires some familiarity with the game of golf. The rules and responsibilities of the walking
parents are listed below.

Please phone the golf shop and let us know the dates you will be available to help. Most of

the time we will try to place you with your child or grandchild, however if we are short
handed we may need to assign you to another group. Phone 945-5553 ext 11 and inform
anyone on the golf shop staff when you will be available and we will then assign you a
group to walk with. Thank you for your assistance, the program would not be successful
without parents who volunteer their time.

Also, many parents have come to realize that listening in on Junior Golf Fridays actually

helps their own golf game. We highly encourage parents to listen in.


A. Count all swings including whiffs.

B. After 2 whiffs, carry ball 10 steps forward and play again.

(The purpose of this rule is to speed up play)

C. After 12 strokes, pick up the ball, proceed to green and putt out. Count each putt

and add to the 12 for a total for that hole.

D. Count all penalty stokes for water hazards and out of bounds and lost ball.

1 - Stroke for ball in the water

1 - Stroke and distance (must replay from original position) for Out of bounds.

1 - Stoke and distance for lost ball (must replay form original position)

E. All 3 and 4 holers will tee off at noted yardage marker on the special scorecard.


A. Keep Juniors moving.

B. Watch for Juniors who are not raking bunkers, replacing divots or repairing ball marks.

C. Help Juniors with proper rules of golf and etiquette.

D. Correct Juniors unnecessary clowning around.

E. Alert Juniors to come in off the course if your see lightning or a storm approaching.

F. Carry extra scorecards, pencils and tees.

G. Keep a rule book handy. Juniors should have one in their bag.


All juniors should learn and practice

1. Be on time for lesson, and be at the first tee ready to play following the lesson.

2. Be courteous to everyone regardless of their age or ability.

3. If moving slowly, invite following players through.

4. Stop play until players in front of you are well out of your range.

5. Leave the putting green immediately after holing out. Mark your scorecard later.

6. Yell "FORE" if your ball looks as if it is headed for another player.

7. Do not talk or move if you are near a player getting ready to play.

8. Be sure to replace all divots, and repair ball marks.

9. Smooth out club and foot prints in bunkers before leaving it.

10. Do not stand in front of or behind a player putting, and never stand directly behind a golfer playing a shot.

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