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Mens League - Maple


Men's League 2023 - 2 - man teams.

Our Maple League tees off from 4pm to 5pm and our Pine League tees off from 5pm to 6pm.
Thursday Men's League Fee is $85 per man. This fee goes to a "once a month" (first Thursday of each month) dinner and our end of year steak dinner.
All Elkdale Male members are eligible to play.
Flex members and after 4pm members are welcome to join the league but after 4pm members MUST PAY $22 FOR A GHIN HANDICAP
League play starts Thursday May 4, and continues every Thursday thru August 31.

* Total 10 points per match. Low handicap plays low handicap and high handicap plays high. Match is based off the difference in the players handicaps.
* One point per hole and one point for the player with the lowest 9 hole net score.
* If a team is not able to find a sub, one player can play a match against both of the opposing team members.
* If both teams have a no-show player, the players will split the points 5 & 5.
* The first three weeks of the league forfeiting teams will receive 5 points.
* A team receiving a forfeit, will get 11 points, the forfeiting team will get zero (0), unless during the first three weeks of the league as noted above.
* Teams not calculating and recording match results on the score sheets will both get zero points.

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