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Dr. Green Lawn Custom Turf Scramble 2021

Congratulation to our winning Gross and Net Teams. Winning gross team Marcus Stephens, Jason Behnke, Dean Whitcomb and Patrick Stanchak with a 14 under 56.

Our Net winners in a three way match of cards with an 18 under net 52, Dave Mendell, Kyle Mendell, Chuck Grinols and Jay Mendell.

Gross Winners - Dean Whitcomb,Marcus Stephens, Patrick Stanchak and Jason Behnke. 14 under 56 Gross
Net Winners Chuck Grinols, Kyle Mendell, Dave Mendell and Jay Mendell Won a 3 way match of cards with a 18 under Net 52
MGA Two Man Best Ball 2021
Father - Son Best Ball 2021

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