COVID-19 Information

Read our COVID-19 guidance for safe social distancing golf and reduced touch points - guidance may be adjusted as local and state rules changed:

  • Cash is accepted, credit card is preferred. Online tee sheet requires a credit card even for members and even if you are walking. Card is not charged and is stored securely on a secure server off site. Credit card can be updated using the Online Tee Sheet or by calling the golf shop.
  • Each player must check in at either the golf shop window or in the golf shop if you are wearing a mask.
  • Social distancing of greater than the CDC recommendation 12’ to 15’ feet Elkdale recommendation.
  • Face masks are required around the first tee, golf shop and clubhouse areas, Per NYS order on use of face masks. Masks should be worn in the golf shop and clubhouse and any time you are close to others.
  • Do not come to Elkdale if you are sick or have any flu like symptoms.
  • Two riders per cart - we have plastic physical barriers to make riding together COVID safe. No sharing clubs or any equipment unless family living in the same home. Players in the same cart should not share driving.
  • Players must bring their own small garbage bag to take home and dispose of any and all of their trash. Limited trash cans will be available. Players must remove all trash from golf carts. This is for our employee safety not to handle other peoples trash that could possibly been contaminated with virus.
  • No ball washers or rakes will be on the course. Local rule for bunkers - Because we do not have rakes on the course and we have reduced staff on the golf course bunkers are only maintained a few times a week. Local rule allows lift clean place and or play as ground under repair and drop outside the bunker.
  • Golf carts if allowed (day by day basis depending on weather) will be disinfected each time they are rented. Players are encouraged to bring their own disinfecting wipes for an extra measure of comfort in the cleanliness of golf carts.  Our process for cleaning includes first spraying of all touch points with a clorox sanitizer, then the entire cart is rinsed with water and pulled into the sunlight to air dry.
  • No handshakes or high fives. Players again are asked to maintain 12’ to 15’ social distancing.
  • No water coolers will be available, bring your own water. No water filling stations available. Soda machine next to to the golf shop is filled with water, soda and Gatorade.
  • Restrooms are available in the clubhouse. Portable toilets are available on # 5, #14 and at the end of the cart barn. People are encouraged to wash your hand frequently.
  • Pull carts available for rent. Each cart will be sanitized after each use.
  • Hours and days we are open may change depending on weather and course conditions.
  • Golf shop is open with a 2 customer limit in the shop at one time. Mask must be worn when in the golf shop.
  • Food and beverage from the clubhouse is available.

Elkdale Country Club
4676 Route 353
Salamanca, NY 14779